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Nagasaki: The Birthplace of Workcation in Japan

Are you looking for a destination that combines work and leisure in a unique and captivating way? Look no further than Nagasaki, the birthplace of workcation in Japan. This city offers digital nomads a harmonious blend of history and modern amenities that will make you feel right at home.

Nagasaki's rich cultural heritage, excellent infrastructure, and stunning landscapes make it an ideal workcation destination. The city provides reliable high-speed internet, coworking spaces, and business-friendly cafes to ensure maximum productivity. And when it's time to unwind, you can enjoy breathtaking outdoor activities such as hiking Mount Inasa and relaxing on picturesque beaches.

Explore Nagasaki's fascinating history at the Nagasaki Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Museum. Experience vibrant cultural events like the Nagasaki Lantern Festival. And indulge in the unique fusion cuisine, blending Japanese, Chinese, and Western influences, at local markets and restaurants.

With its convenient location, Nagasaki allows for easy exploration of nearby cities and attractions. Immerse yourself in this harmonious blend of work and leisure in Nagasaki, a city that inspires creativity and cultural immersion. Let Nagasaki be your home away from home, where you can work and play in a city that understands your needs.



7k+ foreigners

Similar size to

Tallinn, Estonia , Stuttgart in Germany

Basic information

Average temperature

32℃ / 3℃

the 5th lowest temperature difference in Japan

World Heritage in city


Sites of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution | The Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region

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Crime rate less than half the national average.

Tips for nomads

Nagasaki offers facilities for long-term stays for digital nomads, from the downtown area to the seaside. More information is available in our online community.

Nagasaki's food culture is about enjoying the unique flavors and understanding the historical ties each dish has to the city's international port history, such as Champon, Sara-Udon, Castella cake, or Turkish Rice,etc...

The city has many beautiful coworking spaces, and some local cafes provide free high-speed Wi-Fi and a comfortable ambiance to enjoy the local cuisine while catching up on work.

Nagasaki City can be an excellent choice for digital nomads, offering a balanced and enriching experience for those seeking cultural depth and a supportive environment for their digital lifestyle.

The churches and monuments in Nagasaki offer a unique perspective on Japan's complex history with Christianity. They serve as poignant reminders of the resilience of faith and the deep connections.

Discover the charm of Nagasaki, Japan's island paradise, which offers a wide range of marine activities, perfect for snorkeling and diving. After a day of excitement, you can unwind in hot spring resorts.

Local Creator’s voice

Miyako, a local creator


Stefanos (Greece)

Social Media Business Consultant

Nagasaki is a very good city for digital nomads. It reminds me a little bit of Bansko (Bulgaria). It's a place for the people who already set up their business, might have a family, they want to come here to get a nice house up on the hill and live. Nagasaki is beautiful, next to nature, affordable, friendly people, it has history, there are places to visit. The infrastructure is wonderful, it’s a good place to live.

Lars (Norway)

Freelance Film-maker/editor

I definitely recommend digital nomads to check out Nagasaki. There is rich history here, if you love hiking,it’s a good thing, or if you like the sea, there are options available. And the internet speed is a lot faster here, I was pleasantly surprised by the connection speed. If I stay longer, I would stay in Mogi, it was peaceful and quiet, I love being by water. Nagasaki is “Peace” in multiple ways, that you’ll find out.

Lara (Italy)

Nutrition Coach, Language learning mentor

Nagasaki is so beautiful! There is a lot of nature,beautiful scenery, and you can have a relaxing time.Focusing on work time, it’s really possible, which is amazing! It has so much more history than what we know abroad. Up until I came here, I only knew Nagasaki was the second city where A bomb was dropped, but that's not all. That’s only one of many things. That's not what it’s all about. That I would learn about more.

Elena (Japan)

Global PR Director

Nagasaki really means a lot to me, with friends I made as a digital nomad. They always greet me with such warmth, saying, "Welcome back!" whenever I visit. We share meals, stories, and I love every moment there. Walking its charming alleys, steep slopes, and seeing cats, it's all so charming. Nagasaki isn't just a place, it's an experience full of diverse culture and memories. Can't wait to head back soon!

Director’s Voice

Nagasaki, not only that.


Ryo Osera

 I am interested in digital nomads who are looking for beach destinations that are not too crowded but not too rural either. I wonder if they can visit the Japanese countryside and make an economic and social impact on local communities. Digital nomads can play a significant role in Japan's future by helping to sustain local economies and solve social issues.

 Nagasaki, my hometown, is known for its tragic history and attracts many tourists who visit the museum for a day and leave. However, there is much more to Nagasaki,

and staying for more than a week can offer a unique and interesting local experience. You can enjoy beautiful beaches, cycling along the seaside, exploring historical sites, and experiencing the city's lively atmosphere. Nagasaki was the first place in Japan to trade with China and European countries and has a rich history and culture.

 Nagasaki also has a spirit of global-mindedness, and pride since it has one of the largest global shipbuilding industries. Many workers come from all over the world, and

we have a top international institution for infectious diseases. Many students also come from around the world.

 We are thrilled to have more digital nomads in Nagasaki, who can stay for the long term and make this their home away from home in Asia. Our program supports all digital nomads who want to explore the unique experience of both a leisurely life in a quiet fishing village and the city's lively atmosphere. If you are interested, please join our online community, and we warmly welcome you to our town!


CEO, yugyo inc. A digital nomad since 2016. Executive advisor to Japan Workcation Association. Associate Professor at The Frontier Institute of Tourism Sciences at Kanazawa University, Executive Officer of the Japan Digital Nomad Association.

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